2018-10-23 | 08:38:19

Wanted - Administrative Assistant

Please see the job posting below, feel free to pass it along to anyone you may think would be a good candidate.  Candidates should send their cover letter, resume and references to John at not later than November 5th,...

2018-04-23 | 17:20:06

Yes 4.24% Can Be Cheaper Than 3.79%

Interesting title isn't it?  Many of you probably clicked on this wondering exactly how 4.24% can be cheaper than 3.79%. Well - it can be - and below is an example of the need for a proper mortgage and needs analysis. When it comes to...

2017-12-07 | 12:49:13

Mortgage Rule Changes - Update

December 7, 2017Back in October, yes October, we talked about the announcement of the new Mortgage Rule changes being brought in by OSFI.  You can check out my previous blog for that information. Today I want to bring up some updates. ...

2017-10-17 | 06:38:31

Mortgage Rule Changes - AGAIN

Today, as I (and many others) have been mentioning from time to time in recent months, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI) published the final version of Guideline B-20 - Residential Mortgage Underwriting...

2017-05-02 | 06:55:31

New Mortgage Product Comparison

Recently we had a lender add a new product to the mix.  As a Mortgage Agent I always welcome innovative products, which give clients more options when they are looking for mortgage financing.  That said, sometimes a new product isn't what...

2017-05-02 | 06:42:53

Link To Previous Blog

Blog Update! We have moved our blog to this location.  However; if you would like to read our past Blog postings you can do so by clicking...

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