Cottage / Vacation Homes

Now's the time to invest in your dream.

Financing a vacation property may be easier than you think!

Whether you want to escape the city of Toronto, or jump north to Rice Lake from Cobourg to get away for the weekend John has you covered.  

Through a pre-approval process where John will assess your needs and goals to help you find the best mortgage rates and options for the type of vacation property you are looking to purchase.  

Did you know?

You can buy a vacation home with AS LITTLE AS 5% DOWN?  Yes you can! If the property you are interested in is zoned and used as residential, rural or seasonal; central heating; year-round road access then this is possible! Don't have year round road access or central heating? You can still buy a vacation home with as little as 10% down!  *Other conditions may apply.


Let us help you find the mortgage financing for the vacation home of your dreams!

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