Why Mortgage Centre

The Mortgage Centre became Canada's first national mortgage broker organization in 1989

Plus, John Greenlee has roots in the community and an understanding of your local market.

Best of all, as a Mortgage Centre professional he has access to the enhanced choice offered by our mortgage market technologies and strategic partnerships!

Advantages that a Mortgage Centre professional can offer you:

Independent advice.

Because we provide mortgages from various lenders, you're not tied to one lender or one type of mortgage.

More mortgage choices.

Through our Mortgage Market technology, John has electronic access to major lenders in Canada, so he's able to show you a wide range of rates and features available to you.

John works hard to get you a competitive rate by leveraging our wide lending network.

Fast, convenient, local service. John is here to keep your mortgage moving forward. What's more, you're working with a local business person with ties to the communities where he does business.

Specialized knowledge.

Through training and certification, John has a good understanding of available products, features, and rates. He's also great at explaining the sometimes complex industry specific language in everyday terms, so you know exactly what you're getting into.

Reputable lenders.

Through the Mortgage Centre John deals with reputable and established Canadian financial institutions. Plus, he has access to mortgage brokerage-only lenders who offer competitive rates and features that you may not find at your local financial institution.

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